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Evergreen FS, Inc. and Macon County Farm Bureau 4R4U project

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Evergreen FS and the Macon County Farm Bureau are teaming up to demonstrate the impact of implementing 4R nutrient stewardship practices. In conjunction with our current soil sampling procedures, we will be using a state of the art monitoring system to track in-season soil N to further promote and advocate the 4R concepts. This will give our growers accurate site specific data in real time to aid in fertility management decisions. In collaboration with young leader and growers throughout our trade territory, the partnerships forged through these activities will demonstrate how farmers and ag retailers work together to develop the best approach for site specific management.
July Crop Update7/25/2018

​The 4R4U nitrogen management plot is at R3- R4. Average kernal counts are 16X38.  

Weather Data for July:
Highest Temperature: (°F) 92.0
Lowest Temperature: (°F) 54.0
Average Temperature: (°F) 74.8
Growing Degree Days: 1788
Total Precipitation: (in.) 0.28


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June Crop Update- Hyde Farms6/23/2018

Zach.jpgZach Collins, Sales Intern, under leadership of Todd Wibben, Crop Specialist, with Evergreen FS, located in Forsyth is working on two 4R4U nitrogen management plots. This nitrogen management plot is looking at timing and rates of nitrogen applications.

 Plot 1: 3 nitrogen passesVT.jpg

  • Treatment 1: 100lbs/ac fall applied nitrogen with N-Serve
  • Treatment 2: 18lbs/ac UAN broadcast
  • Treatment 3: 35lbs of 28% sidedress

Plot 2: 2 nitrogen passes

  • Treatment 1: 160lbs/ac fall applied nitrogen with N-Serve
  • Treatment 2: 18lbs/ac UAN broadcast


Evergreen has taken tissue samples at the corn crop V4 and soil nitrogen samples. To date the corn is at the VT growth stage, plot 1 has received 4.1 inches of rain and accumulated 1198 GDUs and plot 2 has received 4.5 inches since planting and has accumulated 1205 GDUs.  The next steps for the plots are to monitor it from Climate FieldView software, complete crop health imagery, and take soil nitrogen samples at VT.

 Follow Evergreen FS's 4R4U nitrogen management plot throughout the growing season.

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Weather Overview for July8/1/2017

​For the month of July average high temperatures were 86.3 degrees while the average low daily temperature was 66.1 degrees. These seasonal temperatures recorded the highest single day temperature on the 21st at 94 degrees while the lowest daily high was 77 degrees on the 29th. . July saw average rainfall through the month with a total of 4.15 inches for the month. The highest daily amount was 2.41 on the 11th which was the only rain event over an inch for the month. A total 749 Growing Degree Units (GDU) were received with the highest daily amount recorded of 31 recorded on 21st. ​​

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Weather Overview for June7/1/2017

​June saw a stark contrast in weather conditions from the previous two months with unseasonably warm and dry weather. For the month average high temperature was 84.4 degrees while the average low daily temperature was 63.7 degrees.  The first 2 weeks of June saw zero perception recorded while averaging 87.5 degree under windy conditions.  Some rainfall did occur in later half of June however; monthly rainfall total at the site was 1.51 inches compared to 5.92 inches the previous month.  Growing Degree Units (GDU) accumulated was 698 with the highest daily amount recorded on the 13th at 31.  Evapotranspiration for the month totaled 7.45 inches leaving a shortfall of 5.94 inches compared to precipitation.

Evapotranspiration (ET) is the sum of evaporation and plant transpiration. Evaporation accounts for the movement of water to the air from sources such as the soil, canopy interception, and waterbodies. Transpiration accounts for the movement of water within a plant and the subsequent loss of water as vapor through stomata in its leaves.

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Weather Overview for May6/1/2017

​The first 3 weeks of May saw air and soil temps fluctuations of 37 and 16 degree respectively. May 1st saw the lowest temperature recorded at 39 degree with the high of 88 degrees being recorded on May 18th.  For the month a total 428 Growing Degree Units (GDU) were received with the highest daily amount recorded on the 18th at 26(GDU).  Average daily soil temperature peaked on May 30th at 72 degrees with a low of 51 degrees on May 4th. The average soil temperature for the month was 63.7 degrees.  Monthly rainfall total at the site was 5.91 inches placing combined April and May total above 12 inches. ​

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