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Heritage FS, Inc., Kankakee County Farm Bureau and Ford-Iroquois Farm Bureau 4R4U Project

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Heritage FS, Kankakee County Farm Bureau, and Ford-Iroquois Farm Bureau are teaming up to demonstrate the impact of implementing 4R nutrient stewardship practices.  The project will utilize N-WATCH soil sampling sites to test a variety of nitrogen application processes and use of nitrogen inhibitors.

Crop Update- Herscher, IL6/30/2018

Justin with Heritage FS in Herscher is working on a nitrogen management trial for the 4R4U partnership. This trial is looking at corn-on-corn acres with side dressed nitrogen and Y-Drop nitrogen versus corn-on-soybean acres with side dressed nitrogen and Y-Drop nitrogen.

The corn-on-corn acres were planted April 30th. This plot received 190lbs of nitrogen side dressed in May, and a second nitrogen pass with 40lbs. The corn-soybean rotated acres were planted April 25th. This plot received 150lbs of nitrogen side dressed in May and a second nitrogen pass with 40lbs. This plot also had a section of cereal rye. To date the plots have received 6.1 inches of rain, a maximum temperature of 92 degrees F, a minimum temperature of 62 degrees F, and 1283 GDU's.

Crop Update- St Aubin Farms6/20/2018

Sarah Surprenant, Crop Specialist with Heritage FS, located in St. George is working on a 4R4U nitrogen management plot.  Four miles northeast of Grant Park we are working on a 4R4U plot that is testing the usage of Nitrogen stabilizer throughout the growing season. The 40 acre field is split into three trials. All trials received pre-plant spring ammonia on April 12th, was planted on April 30th, and was side-dressed with ammonia on May 26th. Pre and Post ammonia applications were at a rate of 80lbs/acre.

  • Trial 1: The Control, received no N-Serve pre or post.
  • Trial 2: Received the standard rate of N-Serve pre and no N-Serve was applied at side-dress.
  • Trial 3: Received the standard rate of N-Serve for pre and post applications of ammonia.trial 1 end 2 start.jpg

The crop is being monitored closely and records are being kept via Climate Fieldview. To date the corn is at the V8 growth stage, has received 4.6 inches of rain since planting, and has accumulated 490 GDUs. The crop is not showing any symptoms of nutrient deficiencies and overall looks very healthy.

Our first round of N-watch sampling was before any ammonia was applied and came back with consistent numbers. Our second samples however, came back inconclusive. We have another round of samples scheduled to be pulled at tassel.

Thanks to Greg St Aubin for working on this 4R4U nitrogen management trial.

Crop Update- Abbott Farms6/18/2018

Chase Aylesworth, Crop Specialist with Heritage FS, located in St. George is working on a 4R4U nitrogen management plot. This nitrogen management plot is looking at four different rates of nitrogen and timings of application.  All four treatments received 25lbs of nitrogen at planting.

  • Treatment 1: Pre-plant 185lbs nitrogen
  • Treatment 2: Pre-plant 145lbs nitrogen followed by an additional 50lbs of nitrogen
  • Treatment 3: Pre-plant 75lbs nitrogen and followed by an additional 120lbs of nitrogen
  • Treatment 4: Pre-plant 185lbs nitrogenAbbott Farm.jpg

Chase writes, "The 4R4U plot is coming along very well, and over the past couple weeks has received some very crucial rainfall.  Soon, for the studies that require it, we will be making our third pass of nitrogen.  We have pulled the initial N-Watch samples and are going to continue monitoring nitrogen levels throughout the season. The plot is enrolled in a crop health imagery program, where we will receive crop health images of the field taken by a plane.  The first flight is scheduled for early to mid-June.  We look forward to continue learning and watching progress throughout the year."

Thank you to Clay Abbott for working on this nitrogen management plot.

Progress Continues With N Application and NWATCH6/5/2017

​Corn was planted May 17th with 25# of nitrogen applied through a starter blend. We pulled N watch samples on June 2 and should have results in the next few days.

 4R4U Picture.jpg

Maximizing Yields with Nitrogen Management4/18/2017

​Clay Abbott from Momence is collaborating with Heritage FS, Kankakee County Farm Bureau and Ford-Iroquois Farm Bureau on Maximizing Yields with Nitrogen Management.  This is being done on a corn on corn crop rotation.  The rate of nitrogen will be split into three applications instead of his typical two applications. N-Watch is being used to track the movement of nitrogen with the first samples being pulled on 3/28/2017 to establish a baseline before the first Nitrogen application is made.   The samples showed very low amounts of Plant Available Nitrogen (PAN), which is what we should expect in a location without any nitrogen applied.  A weather station has also been placed in the field to gather rainfall data.  We are ready to get spring rolling!





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