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South Central FS, Inc. and Moultrie County Farm Bureau

4R4U Project Header Image 

South Central FS and the Moultrie County Farm Bureau are teaming up to demonstrate the impact of implementing 4R nutrient stewardship practices.  The focus of the practices in the project include a large scale field demonstration with fall nitrogen application, cover crops, and preplant sidedress.  N-WATCH soil sampling site in conjunction with a DTN weather station will be used in the information gathering process. 

July Crop Update7/25/2018

​Tim Petty, Crop Specialist, at South Central FS in Sullivan is completing a nitrogen management plot. Nitrogen is a valuable input for corn production.  The trial is looking at different rates and timing of nitrogen applications, also using different forms of nitrogen sources.

 Here are two drone images of the trial. The first image was taken June 16th and the second taken July 8th. Through drone imagery crop specialists can monitor crop health, pests and disease, and crop progress.  


Mavrx1.jpgMavrx 2.jpg

Here in Moultrie County, we understand the value of using the 4R approach to nutrient stewardship. Farm fields are all different but by using various farming methods, designed for specific fields, can help keep nutrients in the soil and readily available for the crop. 

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June Crop Update6/18/2018

Tim Petty, Crop Specialist, at South Central FS in Sullivan is completing a nitrogen management plot. This nitrogen management plot is looking at four different rates of nitrogen and timing of applications.  Roney Farm.jpg 

  • Treatment 1: Pre-plant 180lbs nitrogen
  • Treatment 2: Pre-plant 126lbs nitrogen and V4-V5 54lbs nitrogen sidedress
  • Treatment 3: Pre-plant 120lbs nitrogen
  • Treatment 4: Pre-plant 108lbs nitrogen, UAN 27lbs, and V4-V5 45lbs sidedress

Next steps for the plot are to take soil nitrogen tests and complete crop health imagery flights of the field taken by a plane.

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Moultrie--Local Farmers Learn About 4Rs3/6/2017

A meeting was held with local farmers in Carlyle to share information about the 4R4U project which includes cover crops.  Cover crops may be used to manage soil erosion, capture nutrients, and manage residue.  To learn more about selecting cover crops, click here.

Moultrie 1.jpgMoultrie 3.jpg

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Moultrie--Video Discusses 4R4U Project11/17/2016

Clint Robinson, Moultrie County Farm Bureau Director, shares a video on Moultrie Counties test plot for the 4R4U project!  Half of the test plot is planted with radishes and oats with the other half has no cover to compare with.  Click here to view the video.

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